Apprenticeship - Become a Journeyperson

Step One: Decide On Your Skilled Trade

Decide what skilled trade is best for you. Many young people have experienced the skilled trades through high school classes or the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program. The website lists Designated Trades descriptions.

There are two ways to enter a trade:

1. Find an employer and register as an apprentice
2. Apply to a pre-employment program offered at many Saskatchewan colleges.

Step Two: Connect with Employers

Try SaskCareers Connect with Employers as a starting point. Contact an employer you’d like to work for. Ask them if they would consider hiring and training you as an apprentice, and sign a contract of apprenticeship. This contract sets you up with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) as an apprentice. You and your employer begin tracking the number of hours you work on the job and advise the SATCC.

There are many opportunities in Saskatchewan right now in the skilled trades, so employers are looking for workers.

Step Three: Technical Training

Once you have the work hours requirement in each level of apprenticeship, you will need to go for technical training. The SATCC will arrange this for you.

Technical training involves approximately six to eight weeks when you learn theory, usually in a technical institute, to reinforce the knowledge and skills taught in the workplace.

Step Four: Write your Journeyperson Exam

Once you complete all the required work hours and technical training for the trade, you can write the journeyperson exam. When you pass your journeyperson exam in a Red Seal trade, you receive your Red Seal Interprovincial certification. This allows you to work in your trade anywhere across Canada. The key to remember is that your certification is a starting point to a career full of opportunities—from manager to instructor to entrepreneur.

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Blue Seal Program

In Saskatchewan and Alberta, journeypersons can continue their education by pursuing a Blue Seal Achievement in Business Competencies. The Blue Seal Program:

  • encourages journeypersons to continue to learn after they have achieved journeyperson status
  • encourages journeypersons to gain business skills
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Become a Journeyperson