Agri-Business is so much more than farming—it's big business in Saskatchewan!

Agriculture is constantly changing. Now more than ever, agri-food is a full-fledged international industry. Its scope extends from research, development and planning to policy, production and marketing. Agriculture is one of Saskatchewan's economic staples and has a vast array of careers from farming to research!

Saskatchewan is Canada's most important grain-producing region, supplying 10% of the world's total exported wheat. Saskatchewan is also the world's top exporter of green lentils and chickpeas. Our pulse crop sector has grown into a billion-dollar export industry. Saskatchewan is also the world's largest exporter of mustard and canary seed. We are the second largest beef-producing province in Canada, producing more than $1 billion worth of beef annually.

As impressive as Saskatchewan's agricultural productivity is, there are also many scientists and seed breeders developing new technologies and seed strains. The province is home to almost a third of Canada's agricultural biotechnology industry, with more than 700 scientists working in 30 private and public research facilities.

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  • Agricultural Machinery Technician, Service Manager

    Ryan Christmann

    Ryan Christmann happily admits that, as a Grade 12 student, his mind wasn’t on career planning as much as it was on the football field. He was talented enough to get noticed.

  • Equine Assisted Learning Facilitators

    Lawrence & Koralie Gaudry

    In 2010, Lawrence Gaudry was an instructor at University College of The North in The Pas, Manitoba; wife Koralie was working in mental health.