Information Communication Technology

Technology is one of the fastest-growing areas of our economy, and its innovations vastly affect our everyday lives.

Computers, cell phones, video gaming, personal electronic devices—all these things and more are being created, maintained and upgraded by ICT-trained professionals. Information Communications Technologies (ICT) include goods and services that process, transmit or receive information. This includes technologies related to software, hardware, computer services, telecommunications, microelectronics, e-business, e-learning, e-health, wireless, multimedia and digital entertainment, as well as emerging technologies such as photonics, intelligent systems, open source software, life sciences, and digital imaging. Canada is a significant player in the global ICT industry and is one of the most cost-competitive nations in the world including the G-7 group of countries. Among some of Canada’s innovations—the “Canadian firsts”—are Java ScriptTMand the XML computer language; the world’s first ultra-high-speed optical research network; and, the world’s first photonics-based, light-activated therapeutic drug. Canada has an excellent educational and research infrastructure, which fosters innovations that often translate into new opportunities for the ICT sector in the global market place. ICT is everywhere!

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  • CEO, Noodlecake Studios

    Super Stick Man Golf vs. The World: Jordan Schidlowsky

    Jordan Schidlowsky and Ty Bader had a great idea for an iPhone® app. They spent hours and hours (and hours) developing it. After the Apple app store accepted it, the guys did a free promotion to get more people to try it.

  • Computer Scientist

    Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Shakiba Jalal

    Although just in her early 30s, Shakiba Jalal has already had several careers. If there’s one thing she has learned in life, it is that her greatest successes seem to come when she steps out of her comfort zone.

  • Graphic Designer, Business Owner

    Graham Hodges

    Born and raised in Regina, Graham Hodges has called Prince Albert home for the past five years. The small city vibe has proven to be a good fit for his life – and his career.

  • Social Entrepreneur,

    Katrina German

    Katrina German is co-founder of OneStory, an online video storytelling platform that empowers ordinary people to share stories about their businesses, their causes, their lives.