Oil & Gas

The petroleum industry is truly a national industry, with oil and gas activity in 12 out of 13 provinces across the country. Saskatchewan is one of Canada's most resource-rich provinces.

As the country’s second largest oil producer and the third largest producer of natural gas, the oil and gas industry is the number one source of revenue for Saskatchewan from the resource sector. Close to 29,000 people work directly or indirectly in the Saskatchewan petroleum industry with varied skills, education and experience. According to a recent labour market study released by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada, the industry will need to hire over 100,000 workers to support new oil and gas activity as well as replace retiring workers by the year 2020. Of those hires, approximately 65,000 will be needed in core occupations, such as engineering, trades, operator and field worker roles. So the industry is seeking people, just like you, from diverse backgrounds—aboriginals, women, immigrants and youth—to work in the industry. Canada’s petroleum industry offers people many options and opportunities—working outdoors or inside, wearing safety boots or a suit, staying home or traveling—and has a career to fit everyone. People can have long and rewarding careers in the oil and gas industry because petroleum products will be a big part of our lifestyle for decades to come.

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