Public Service

In every community, province and country, people are employed by the government to provide essential services to citizens. The public service includes a broad spectrum of potential employment.

Public services are considered essential to society, and are often provided by governments to citizens. Programs include emergency services, education, communication, and many other sectors. The following is a list of some examples of careers in the public service:

  • Education
  • Fire service
  • Law enforcement & Security
  • Military
  • Postal service
  • Public broadcasting
  • Public library
  • Public transportation
  • Social services
  • Town planning

Many traditional careers, including firefighters, police officers, and teachers are included in the public service, as they are hired by municipal, provincial and federal government. But there are many 'behind-the-scenes' workers who run towns and cities, who make decisions about roads, services to home owners, and services such as leisure programs and libraries. These people can be clerks, architects, engineers, city planners, electricians, maintenance workers, and more. 

This is a complete list of careers in this industry. Click a title to learn more.


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