Retail & Wholesale

Whether you are buying food, clothing or other necessities, putting gas in the car, picking up supplies for a do-it-yourself project, getting a new pair of glasses, or simply browsing in a mall, your are using the services of establishments in the wholesale and retail trade sector. There are untold employment opportunities in this sector.

Wholesalers and retailers are in the business of re-selling goods that have been purchased from suppliers. They bring goods produced in the province or imported from other regions and countries to the market place, where they can be purchased by consumers. Retailers are responsible for the display and sale of new or used goods to consumers for personal, business or household consumption. Wholesalers distribute goods to retailers and other businesses, and are the middle person who supplies goods to industrial or business customers, such as retailers, restaurants, manufacturers, or construction companies. They are the key link between manufacturers and the marketplace. They typically operate from a warehouse or office space that is not necessarily designed for walk in customers.

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