Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism is everywhere. Whether you’re looking for short term income, a flexible job opportunity or a rewarding career, you’ll find an opportunity that’s right for you in tourism—one of Canada’s fastest growing industries!

While tourism has always been a hospitable gateway to the world of work, the industry also offers lifelong career opportunities in challenging, interesting, fast-paced occupations that require employees with a wide variety of skills and capabilities. Tourism encompasses two areas: outbound tourism and inbound tourism. Outbound tourism is what you may be most familiar with. It involves the business generated by people going from where you live to other provinces, territories or countries. Going to Hawaii in February is an example of outbound tourism. Canada competes in a global market to attract tourists from the United States, Japan, Germany and a host of other countries. We ask them to come and visit Canada—that is inbound tourism. There are five industries within the tourism industry: 

  • Accommodation
  • Food and Beverage Services 
  • Transportation
  • Recreation and Entertainment 
  • Travel Services

Tourism is an exciting career option, with over 400 occupations to choose from! Tourism jobs tend to offer plenty of opportunities for advancement, widely transferrable skills, and continuous professional training.

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