Arts & Culture

The arts and culture industry is a growing market in Saskatchewan.

A growing, dynamic cultural sector is central to the success of Canada’s creative, knowledge-based economy. The labour market for the arts and culture sector has grown increasingly complex, changing rapidly and demanding new skills, particularly in the area of digital technology. The arts and culture workplace offers young people a choice of hundreds of different occupations—from the obvious, such as an actor, to the less obvious such as a technical copy-editor. There are many niches that can satisfy a variety of aspirations, dreams and goals. There are many ways to enter a career in the arts and culture sector. The eight core career streams within the arts and culture sector are as follows:

  • Live performing arts
  • Writing and publishing
  • Film, radio, TV and broadcasting
  • Visual arts and crafts
  • Music and sound recording
  • Interactive digital media
  • Heritage
  • Cultural management

An arts and culture career attracts those who enjoy change, the ability to be creative, the chance to express their individuality and vision, the fun of being with talented co-workers, and the personal satisfaction of meeting high expectations. Most importantly, they love being part of a world that explores the meaning and values of society.

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