Health Care

Many provincial, regional, and local organizations work together to ensure that we have healthy people in healthy communities in our province.

Health Care touches the lives of everyone in our community. There is an amazing variety of health care careers available to anyone who is interested in a career that affects the lives of thousands of people. Whether you work directly with people or work behind the scenes, the work you do will make a difference. Health care is provided in hospitals (often called acute care), in the community (services such as immunization clinics, public health inspections), in continuing care facilities (long term care for the elderly), and in people’s homes (home care). Many people are not aware of how much teamwork goes into providing health care services. When you to go the hospital, you may benefit from the work of physicians, nurses, registration clerks, dieticians, physical therapists, pharmacists, medical imaging technologists, social workers, food service workers, environmental service workers, health information management practitioners, transcriptionists, switchboard operators, and many more. Anyone working in health care can expect personal challenges and opportunities for development. Because health care careers involve a variety of skills, there is a career for everyone. Some jobs emphasize technical and computer skills (laboratory technician, information systems analyst, nuclear medicine technologist), while others emphasize social skills (psychologist, addictions counsellor). There are a number of people who work behind the scenes so that we can provide effective health care: tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, carpenters), managers, accountants, administrative assistants, and human resources professionals.

This is a complete list of careers in this industry. Click a title to learn more.


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  • Dental Assistant

    Andrea Rowell

    Andrea Rowell has a favourite saying: ‘if it’s to be, it’s up to me’. It’s something she repeats to herself when she’s thinking about making changes in her life.

  • Nurse

    Manning the Front Lines: Devan Moxley Teigrob

    Busting through stereotypes isn’t easy. Just ask Devan Moxley Teigrob, one of a growing number of young men pursuing a career in nursing.

  • Safety Spokesperson/Trainer

    Curtis Weber

    Curtis Weber was a typical teenager. He had lots of friends, excelled at hockey and sports, and loved to roar around on snowmobiles. He had just graduated from Grade 12 and was looking forward to taking his hockey career to the next level.

  • Flight Nurse, STARS Regina

    Denise Treleaven

    Denise Treleaven was working as a registered nurse in Regina General’s ICU when she first heard that STARS was coming to Saskatchewan.

  • BA (Psychology), BSW, Addictions Counsellor

    Kyle Frisken

    Kyle Frisken liked growing up in a small town. He liked that his school was small, that he could ride his bike everywhere, that everyone knew everyone else.

  • Denturist, Business Partner

    Brett Payne

    At 18 and fresh out of high school, Brett Payne had no idea what he wanted to do. But he did know two things. First, he wanted to work with people. Second, he wanted to be his own boss.

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